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Please Support my Skydive for Rescued Horses

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

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Hello Family, Friends and Colleagues;
On Saturday, May 20, 2017, I plan to jump out of a plane at 14,000 feet! With a professional instructor of course.

I am doing this not only to fulfill a personal achievement but also to raise as much money as possible for an amazing rescue called Save the Horses. My church sponsored a summer four week horse camp for me at Camp Allegheny when I was a child, and this is my chance to give back. Those horses loved me, and helped me believe in myself. Hutch loved me so much he even tried eating my hair, but honestly my hair did look just like the color of the hay.

Now, I am 49, married 30 years, have four wonderful children, and an amazing son-in-law. I am a career changer, going back to school at WGU's Healthcare Informatics program.

I must mention an important part of my history, although it has nothing to do with horses. My family was living in Damascus, Syria since 1997, and due to the Syrian conflict, the U.S. Embassy sponsored school, where I worked as the administrative assistant, the Damascus Community School, closed January 2012. May we all say a prayer that the 4.8 million refugees and 6.1 million internally displaced, half of which are children, find the hope and help they need to survive and that peace is restored in Syria. One way to help to the Syrian people is through UNICEF

Personally, I find when I want to challenge myself, being accountable to someone else increases my motivation exponentially. Jumping out of plane is scary, but will help me increase my confidence as I enter into a new career. I cannot let these rescued horses down, just thinking about how much each one will bring joy to others.

Based in Cumming, GA, Save the Horses currently cares for over 130 rescued horse and other animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected and the rescue desperately needs money for feed, hay and to provide much needed medical care for them.

Please sponsor my skydive.

ANY money you can donate is very much appreciated and makes all the difference. If I can raise at least $600, I will get to skydive for free! I set a modest goal of raising $1000, but I think we can do better.

Please note that the money donated goes directly to Save The Horses' bank account.

Thank you very much for caring!

PS: If you would like to watch my jump, join me on Saturday May 20 at the jump site in Monroe GA. There will be fun festivities (including food, music, games and of course horses) from 10am to 5PM. More information will be forwarded closer to the date.

Note: If you would like to create your own campaign to raise money for Save the Horses and get your chance to Skydive for free. Click the following link to get started.

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