Join The Herd With a Donation to Save the Horses

A small donation could save a life

Join The Herd With a Donation to Save the Horses image




A small donation could save a life

Join the Herd

Join the HerdRegardless of the amount, your donation to Save the Horses (Horse Rescue Relief & Retirement Fund) will help provide much needed food, shelter, veterinary care and farrier services for abused and/or neglected equine and other animals. You are literally donating to save a life.

Who gets your donation?: Abandoned, malnourished, abused, crippled, old and injured horses need love and care. We help the neediest horses and give them hope. They learn trust and love from humans.

Needs: We need donations to pay vet and feed bills. We always need hay, horse feed, fencing, farm equipment and more. We are an all volunteer organization so your donation go towards the animals we serve.

Our Challenge: The economy has put more horses in neglect and abuse situations. Help us Save the Horses. We receive no federal or state funds so we have to rely on the generosity of the public to run our rescue.

Make a donation of as little as $5 or more
to secure the future of our rescued animals.

"We would not be able to rescue, rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to these horses without the support of our volunteers & donors. Our nonprofit organization is run entirely by volunteers and funded 100% by donations and small grants, so for us, every penny counts. Thank you for caring and making a positive difference in these horses' lives!"
Cheryl Flanagan

Here are some of our common expenses:

  • Total cost to keep a horse for a month is about $400 and that does not include medical expenses.
  • Feed and hay for a week: $2,260
  • Annual vet expenses: Exceed $20,000
  • Dental: $4800 about $80 per horse per year
  • Hoof Trimming: $3,760 every six weeks (about $25 per horse)
Multiply all of this by more than 100 horses and many more other animals
and you can see why we need your help. It costs $10,000 per month to run our rescue.

***Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. ***

***Network For Good

Donations are processed through our secure Network for Good site.
There you can also make a gift as a birthday present to someone else or in memory of someone special.


If you would like to donate via Paypal, please click the image below.


***Donate by Mail

To donate via the mail, please make checks payable to "Save The Horses" and mail them to:

Save the Horses #Jointheherd
P.O. Box 1123
, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Our physical address is: 1768 Newt Green Road, Cumming, GA 30028

We are a registered 501(c)(3) Corporation

Save the Horses is a federally accredited 501c(3) corporation called Horse Rescue Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc. TAX ID: 58-2479748. We are registered on

Save the Horses Mission

The mission of Save the Horses (Horse Rescue Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc.) is to provide care and rehabilitation for abandoned, neglected, abused, and malnourished horses, while educating the public regarding the issues surrounding rescue and rehabilitation including all aspects of horse ownership and care.

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